Its been full on mad busy. And we've more on over Easter.

Our Friday Forest School carries on from strength to strength and we now have a dedicated page telling you about it  here. This is great for toddler's preschoolers and home ed (as it runs every Friday even term time).

We're carrying on with our holidays outdoor events which for Easter is a fairy tale nursery rhyme hunt for soft toy characters before hitting base camp where we'll be making our creatures homes and dens. Incidentally our base camp know has a scramble net as well as the usual camp fire and hammocks. Food is a chocolate laden meal with all sorts cooked on the fire.

We're sticking to our usual MONDAYS Lumb Brook, TUESDAYS New Moss Wood and WEDNESDAYS Gorse Covert Mounds. Our forest schools here.

We've deliberately left Thursdays free so if you're a holiday club wanting to book something then get in touch.

The last Sunday of every month is when we put something back into a local wood that needs some TLC in Birchwood Warrington. This month that happens to be Easter Sunday so join us if you fancy a break from all the chocolate. This is a FREE event and designed for adults but children welcome. Just turn up at the Walled Garden in Locking Stumps at 1pm - 3pm. Its conservation work and tidying up with tools and equipment provided. Please feel free to bring your own but no power tools thanks. We call it Love your Local Woods