Prices, Sessions, Discounts and Terms

FAIRY FOREST SCHOOL - Family events during school holidays and at selected weekends. See our book now page for extra events  Typically £12 per child (with some exceptions for special events) which includes food for kids and attending parents. See our discounts below.

Dates vary so be sure to check our Facebook events or contact us.  Choose your the best wood for you and your family here.

Fairy Village Building, Fairy Tale Searches, Bear Hunts, Wild Wood Elf Training and Water Walks are typically 1-2 hours of led fun filled activities followed by an hour at base camp with campfire food and drink included for those in attendance - kids and adults. Please let us know of dietary requirements and we'll do our best. Times/activities may vary.

GREAT FOR families wanting to spend some time together outside, the young and young at heart and parents wanting to inspire their kids imagination and watch them learn new skills.

Raising the Birthday Boy!

Raising the Birthday Boy!

FOREST FUN BIRTHDAY PARTIES  - 2 and a half hours of forest birthday party activities including base camp play and campfire food for kids and parents. .Click here for more details

Our prices start at £185 but increase as we cater for more children. Click here for prices based on your groups size. Includes bacon sarnies for parents, smores and more! 

Choose from Fairy Tale or Bear Hunts, Den Building, Games, Scramble Net, Stream Exploring, hammocks or go for something bespoke for their big day. Contact us to discuss your requirements and which wood is best and what time - we're flexible!  GREAT FOR outdoorsy children and parents who want something different. 

Free Tepee provided for a long term partner school.

Free Tepee provided for a long term partner school.

SCHOOLS/PRESCHOOLS/NURSERIES  - We can visit you and deliver forest school in your grounds or come on a trip and visit us.

Prices vary depending on the length of your school day, no. of children and your location so contact us for a quote. We can include campfire food depending on your requirements. 

Typically - half day £120day approx. £200 /  programme of 5 sessions £900

FREE for registered partner schools - Consultation on Forest School Development, Natural Resources (e.g. tepee/xylophone, bug hotel etc.), assembly and after school clubs, Session Plans, Observations, Maintenance, Conservation and care, Forest School Taster Training for staff, Health and Safety advice. About us.

GREAT FOR educators seeking exciting ways to deliver the curriculum, attain targets and develop their pupil's cognitive development. Find out more here.

Discounts and savings

We follow a set of four values - Sustainability and Maintaining Relationships being two of them. As a parent its easy to see how having children in clubs can soon mount up - football on a Saturday, Swimming lessons on a Sunday, afterschool clubs, holiday clubs - the list is endless. Our Forest Schools balance a sustainable business plan with affordability. Terms and conditions apply so check the details at the bottom of this page. We offer these discounts included in our pricing policy which supports forest schools and our long term business:

Sibling Discount* - Bring a brother or sister or friend and we'll give you a 10% discount. We love this because it helps keep the whole family involved and brings more people into learning through forest school. This is already calculated when you book so make sure you select the right price per child.

Group Discount* - Making a booking for a group cuts down on processing orders and admin so if you can organise a group of six or more children we'll pass that saving over to you and give you a 20%. This is already calculated when you book so make sure you select the right price per child.

Session Booking - Fancy booking an entire session maybe for a get together or celebration such as a birthday. We'll fit you in around our other sessions to keep costs as low as possible and we'll pass these on by charging you for the slot rather than an individual price. Great if you have  large group of children and want a big friends and family get together.  Contact us for a bespoke quote on what you'd like.

School, nurseries, preschools and other organisations - We can make substantial savings with repeated sessions back to pack. We calculate a quote based on the number of sessions and children based on our consumable costs, our competitive staff rates and a modest mark up. We can therefore produce a quote based on this which is substantially lower than our individual rates. For example one school decided to have 2 sessions over consecutive days and let us store equipment on site saving us set up and dismantling time so we passed this saving on. Get in touch and we'll discuss details to keep costs down.

Other offers/discounts - from time to time we'll offer special offers that supports our business such as when we start a forest school in a new area. Follow us on Facebook to ensure you keep in touch with these offers as they come up.

Let us know if you're a member of the Woodland Trust and we'll treat you to something extra special to say thank you for supporting our woods and this fantastic charity.

Please note we offer discounts that support our ethos and/or save us admin time. For that reason we only give discounts at the time of booking. For example if you are coming as a group but book individually or over numerous bookings the discount won't be applied.

Terms and conditions

We operate whatever the weather but occasionally events may be cancelled for safety reasons such as high wind. This is rare and when weather warnings are issued by the met office. You will be notified by email (the one you booked with) if you have prebooked and notification will be given on the Fairy Forest School Facebook page. If in doubt get in touch. Note - rain and cold does not classify as bad weather as we mitigate this with tarpaulins, emergency shelters, warm drinks etc. and expect parents to provide adequate clothing for their children and themselves. High wind that could potentially bring down a tree or extreme weather affecting road conditions and advice not to travel is our definition of bad weather that may lead to cancellation.

Forest Parties and Private Group Bookings: To book get in touch and we'll agree a time slot and wood. This will be pencilled in our diary and will be held until s deposit is paid. We will attempt to steer other bookings away from this slot and assume we're in the wood you have chosen for that day. To confirm this booking a deposit is required to cover admin, potential lost revenue from other customers wanting that slot and other costs. We reserve the right to offer your agreed slot to other parties in the event that a deposit is not forthcoming so we recommend paying the deposit as soon as possible. The deposit is nonrefundable except on a discretionary basis (e.g. switching dates venue with enough notice that no costs have been incurred, or party cancelled due to dangerous weather - see cancellations for weather above).

To pay your deposit simply click the button on our book now page labelled birthday parties deposit. You can pay via paypal or with any major card. You will be asked to state the date, venue and time agreed. Once paid we will confirm payment by contacting your booking email (note if you rarely use your paypal account email then we recommend you also leave your contact details) and send you other information such as directions and editable invitations. At that point your party is in pen in our diary. 

Final Payment needs to be at least 48 hours before the event. This is to cover set up which requires significant effort including buying fresh food, preparing it, planning, birthday badge making, loading, set up/dismantling at site, hiring extra staff, etc. We reserve the right to not carry out the party in the event that payment is not paid. Please contact us if you're having trouble making a transfer - we don't want to be in a position of letting your child down because payment hasn't been made nor do we want to be in a position of being lumbered with significant costs if a party is cancelled last minute.

Last minute cancellation - If you need to cancel the party last minute please contact us as soon as possible (tel 07799 321849). We may be able to offer you a partial refund based on recouping costs (such as contact time, or being able to use some of the food that will not have spoiled for other events).


Open to all Events: Customers must prebook events places. Payment confirms your booking. Bookings are not transferable to other events or people unless by prior agreement and on a discretionary basis. 

Forest school/outdoor education is a high adult to child ratio practice. We provide a duty of care to our customers, lead activities and establish safety rules. We are not a nursery/child minder provider and expect parents/guardians or their delegated custodian to attend. Parents/school staff/nursery staff/carers/guardians are also expected to carry out their duty of care for their children/pupils and are expected to take part in activities as part of that duty including following safety rules. Customers that carry out activities  beyond the scope of our operations (such as using rope swings left by unknown 3rd parties) do so at their own risk. Fairy Forest School Ltd and the Land Owner will not accept liability for such activities. Our forest schools operate within public woods and customers are expected to follow local laws and act reasonably to other wood users.

We are trained first aiders with valid/current paediatric outdoor first aid certification. In the event of first aid (particularly minor first aid e.g. a scratch) we will defer treatment to parents and assist as required and agreed with the parent/custodian. Significant injuries (even if they are not deemed significant during the session) must be reported to the forest school leader and should be recorded. We need your assistance/compliance in recording these details on our accident form. If a minor injury (such as a scratch) has led to something more significant requiring further treatment then please let us know email

Cancelling We reserve the right to cancel an advertised session due to poor attendance or other reasonable circumstances. In practice this affects very few people. We shall endeavour to rearrange and accommodate our customers at another event. If this cannot be met we will offer you a refund.

We regard your booking as being similar to buying a ticket for a cinema screening or theatre ticket. We do not offer refunds to customers that cancel their booking at an event as this may of deprived another customer of attending and will have incurred costs to us. However with enough notice we can potentially transfer your booking to another event at no extra charge and with enough notice we might give a refund on a discretionary basis  especially if it has not deprived someone else buying a place or incurred any costs. We really appreciate any notice of any cancellation as soon as possible so we can offer places to other customers and avoid unnecessary  costs such as perishable food. We understand that last minute injury or illness can occur so we will offer you places at another event or give a full or partial (if significant costs imposed on us by cancellation) refund on a discretionary basis for any reasonable cancellation. The onus is on the person booking to seek an other place or refund and they must contact us within a reasonable time (28 days - preferably sooner) from the time of the event they booked. 

Partial attendance at an event e.g missing the first half hour or leaving early does not entitle any refund or places at another event. We cannot be held accountable for road closures but will endeavour to  inform you of any local traffic issues. 


Our maximum discount is 20%. Let us know if you're a Woodland Trust member as we like to support those that support the trust.


Payment terms for local authority schools and partner schools/nurseries is within 30 days of the invoice date usually of the 1st session. Our free services applies to registered partner schools that have committed to programmes (of 5 or more sessions) or repeat sessions such as several visits in school/outdoor supply and/or a school trip or another long term relationship defined by both parties. 

Fairy Forest School reserves the right to provide substitute staff of a similar level (subject to verification such as DBS) to allow an event to take place. In practice this has been avoided as we attempt to arrange an event when staff are free and would only happen in exceptional cases such as last minute staff illness. We may include wages for an assistant if required which will be discussed and agreed prior to commencement of any event or programme. The price quoted includes wages and other costs such as insurance, consumables, wear and tear, kit maintenance etc so therefore does not qualify for IR35 regulations. 

Free consultation is offered during site previsit prior to commencement of the programme or session and on a 'as required' basis as long as the sessions are being carried out from start to end date or by prior arrangement. Note that the consultancy rate is £300 for a 7 hour day for ad hoc consultancy/reports delivered outside  forest school programme commencement and completion dates. This includes Health and Safety Advice and Staff Training (unless by prior agreement).

Free natural resources are dependent on the season and also on what can be locally gathered on site and will vary in character and availability. Large quantities that need to be brought in will incur a charge agreed by both parties calculated on the cost of gathering or purchase price.

Copies of session plans (and any other documentation) is available on request.

Observations will be carried on the instruction of the school/nursery and will follow their policy.

Free maintenance will be carried out during a sessions set up (such as to remove a hazard) or as part of the forest school session e.g. coppicing/ introducing tools. Significant maintenance (such as creating a forest school area) may require  additional time outside the sessions and will be carried out following an agreed price/schedule. Maintenance will be carried out in accordance with good conservation practices with the intention of enhancing an area for wildlife.

We do not accept liability from the actions of other parties such as members of the public using the woods where we operate. We request customers respect other wood users, local residents and road users. We cannot accept liability for actions of our customers with regards to behaviour, parking or driving.

Terms and conditions may be subject to occasional review and change These T&C's apply from 23/8/2017 and supersede previous conditions unless specifically stated. 


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