Forest Birthday Parties

 Parents take part and have as much fun as the kids

Parents take part and have as much fun as the kids

Choose your favourite wood.

We are licenced to use Woodland Trust woods for our actvitities. These include:

Lumb Brook Valley in Appleton, Warrington. WA4 5NB         A bluebell wood with its own stream.

Gorse Covert Mounds in Birchwood, Warrington. WA3 6UG  A birchwood with its own viewpoint.

New Moss Wood on the Manchester Mosses near Cadishead.  M44 5JT A quiet wood with lots of connected glades.

Snidley Moor near Frodsham/Helsby. WA6 6HW A hilly wood that's great for exploring.

Get directions

 Den Building at Gorse Covert Mounds late Summer

Den Building at Gorse Covert Mounds late Summer

Base camp

Overhead tarps for shelter. Ground sheets to sit on.

Hot(winter), Cool Drinks. Tea, coffee, hot chocolate, cordial

Campfire (with the kind permission of the land owner).

Outside loo - just in case.

Base camp activities such as  hammocks and/or scramble net.*

Some sites have specific base camp activities such as dens, water play, etc (see below).

 We cook on an open fire.

We cook on an open fire.

Site activities

Some woods offer unique activities

Lumb Brook Valley

 Stream walking, dam making and water play with gutter chutes when the water's warm enough.

Hazel Den Building (not March to May due to flowering understory)

Flower Fairy search (April to May).

Mud pie bake off. Make a mud pie and decorate.

Gorse Covert Mounds

Bracken dens - dens with bracken walls (June to Sept)

Pond Dipping (Spring to Autumn)

King/Queen of the Hill - We make a sedan from poles and fabric and parents carry the birthday boy/girl to the top of Pestfurlong Hill.

 Name on front. Age on back.

Name on front. Age on back.

Why not book a forest party with us?

You get:

An hour of your chosen activity such as bear hunts, fairy village making, fairy tale hunts.

An hour by the fire where we'll toast marshmallows for schmoors then cook your campfire lunch for kids and parents. Enjoy our base camp hammocks or bouncy net.

Up to an hour chillout time in the woods to continue playing or use our base camp play area.

 Lumb Brook Valley

Lumb Brook Valley

Choose your Theme/Activities

Teddy Bear Search - get searching for bears that have climbed the trees in search of honey for their porridge.

Nursery Rhyme/Fairy Tale Hunt - go on the hunt for Goldilocks, 3 pigs, 3 bears, fairies, Gruffalo, Gingerbread man.

Fairy Tale Village - Create a fairy house. Build watchtowers, a village hall, goblin prison, fairy landing strip - whatever takes your fancy.  Then connect them with mini roads, 

Bespoke - Got something else in mind. Contact us.

 Bounce net.

Bounce net.

Campfire food


Toasted marshmallows & posh Schmoors

We'll show you how to safely toast Haribo marshmallows which you can eat fresh or sandwich between a chocolate/caramel biscuit schmoor.


Sausage in buns (kids)

Pork sausages pre-cooked then sizzled in the pan before being put to bed in a bun and drowned with ketchup.

Bacon sarnie (adults)


Campfire popcorn

Listen to them pop in melted butter before tucking in once the pan has cooled.


We have other options such as nutella fondue, pancakes as well as options to special dietary conditions or veggie/vegan. These have an additional charge.

 The stream provides water for play and gutter chutes.

The stream provides water for play and gutter chutes.

 Pond dipping (seasonal)

Pond dipping (seasonal)


Birthday Badge

From April 2017 we're offering an included name badge. Tell us your child's spelling and age on their birthday and we'll present them with their very own forest birthday badge.

These are hand made using pyrography (branding hot metal) on hazel cut coins. Results may vary as we may use different woods, ribbons and branding techniques.


 From 1st Jan 2018 we've the following prices based on your child group sizes to cover additional food cost and clear up. Parents are free and get campfire food too. The reason is we need parents to take care of the basic needs of the children such as toileting and we rope parents into activities which they love. Our events are great family time!

12 or less Children - £175 available at all sites.

13-16 children - £195 available at all sites.

17-20 children - £205 Available at Lumb Brook & Gorse Covert Mounds

21-24 Children - £220 available at gorse covert mounds

25 -28 Children - £240 available by arrangement Only

We've curtailed numbers at certain sites due to parking limitations and potential site impact. Let us know if you want a particular site because if you're local or car sharing we could go higher.


Important details

New Moss Wood & Snidley Moor both have limited parking for approximately 12 car so for larger parties at these woods car sharing should be considered or walking in from nearby.

*Hammocks are a dry weather option as nobody likes getting in a wet hammock. In which case the bounce  net will be put up. Due to their attachment to trees, the bounce net is unavailable at Lumb Brook (but you have the stream to play in).

How to book and pay

email to arrange:

Your preferred Day & Date.

Your preferred time slot - either. AM 10:30am to 12:30pm or PM 2pm - 4pm. NB we can sometimes be flexible with times and remember you can have up to an hour extra after cooking on the fire (so til 1:30AM and 5PM) to chill out or carry on play at base camp. When choosing note we do food at least an hour into the session - sometimes later so AM tends to be lunch and PM an early tea. Evening slots are do-able by arrangement in Summer. We tend to run at weekends but can usually accommodate week days especially in school holidays or time an after school event (advisable to change out of your uniform though).

Which wood you'd prefer - NB we cannot swap woods in a given day and do 2 birthdays a day due to set up/pack away time. If you desperately want a certain wood you'll need to book early or pick another day if an earlier booking has specified a wood which you're not keen on.

Theme/activities - see above.

Birthday boy/girl's name and age for the party.

Payment - We've introduced a deposit to secure your booking. Just click Book now and scroll down to the bottom. One booked we'll confirm the party and send any extra info. such as diections and editable invites. We'll touch base to confirm no.s, special dietary requirements, any extras you'd like and other details then send you payment details a week or two before the party. Please pay this (usually by bank transaction) and pop us an email to confirm at least 48 hours before the party. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Do you do party bags?

Not currently. Let us know if you've something in mind and we might be able to point you in the right direction.

Can we put up banners at your base camp?

Of course. Please bear in mind that if you're thinking of coming early there may be another party in progress. We have a leave no trace agreement with the woodland trust so please remove everything at the end and before the next party arrives.

Can we bring extra food/snacks and treats?

Of course. But please remember that we expect to have minimal impact on the wood so if you think they'll be lots of litter (such as juice bottles) we need you to take those away with you. We'd recommend avoiding sweets and wrappers as these tend to be dropped by young children and they're a nightmare to clear up. Best saved for goody bags.

Can we bring extra food/drink to cook on the fire for adults such as extra sausages and bacon?

Of course but so far nobody has wanted any extra food. If you'd like us to provide extra's for adults such as toasted chorizo or chocolate fondue we can do for a fee.  Raw sausages take a long time to cook (we precook ours the night before then refrigerate).  Please no alcoholic drinks as we're in woods with public access.

Can we smoke in the woods?

We'd recommend being discrete near other parents children. And disposing of your stubbed out cigarette end in a bin so as not to harm any local wildlife.

Looking for directions?

Click here to see more info on out forest school site including directions.