Food for thought

We're always being asked on specifics for dietary advice and what extras we do. So here's our summary of what to expect for food at our event. Note this depends on availability so in the unlikely event (its not happened yet) we can't get a product we'll replace them with something similar.


Basic package birthday parties - 1st course marshmallows in chocolate/caramel biscuits, followed by sausages in buns (for kids) and bacon in bread (adults). Then we finish on popcorn cooked in salted butter. We cater based on the no. of children that have booked so if you think extra siblings may turn up we advise booking for them too so there's enough food. Any extra we hand out to parents so its not wasted.

Vegetarian advice: We can swap out marshmallows for malt loaf. Sausages for kids and bacon for adults is replaced by Quorn hot dog sausages.

Vegan: We use Aldi malt loaf which vegans are telling us is suitable (unlike Soreen). Instead of Quorn we'll do Linday McCartney (soy) sausages.

Nut allergy: None have nuts in but chocolate biscuits may contain traces so go for extra marshmallows.

Wheat/gluten: Avoid biscuit smoors and go for extra marshmallows. Don't try malt loaf as it has wheat in.  Sausages contains breadcrumbs with wheat. Obviously bread does too. So go for some bacon on a stick (feel free to bring your own gluten free bread that you find works for you). Let us know if you'd like a quorn sausage on a stick (NB Linda McCartney sausages have wheat flour in so avoid them).

Dairy: Avoid biscuit smoors and go for extra marshmallows. We cook our popcorn in butter (mainly because it pops well) but we can do some over the fire in sieves which is additive free and quite interesting to watch - just let us know.

Pork free: Our marshmallows specify gelatin but not pork or beef. Halal families have told us they've checked and its OK but we can't verify that - failing that try the malt loaf toasted instead which is nice. Go for a veggie sausage instead of pork sausage or bacon.

Extras or special events.

From time to time we do special events with these items or birthday parties book extra for a small charge.


Chirizo on a stick - Spicy Pork Sausage toasted on the fire like a marshmallow. Intended for attending adults but kids can try.

Banana chocolate fondue - Steamed chocolate sauce melted over the fire. Dip in banana halves or any left over marshmallows. Sickly, sweet and messy. May contain  nut traces. Contains milk. Let us know if you prefer Nutella - which obviously contains nuts.

Toasted chocolate brioche fingers - cooked on a long stick over the fire. (contains wheat, milk and potential for nut traces).

If you'd like to book extras or you have a specific allergy or dietary requirement just get in touch.

This information is correct at the time of publishing so contact us if you think information might have changed or you have any concerns. Thanks!