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Just click the appropriate button below - if you can't find the event you're looking for pop us an email stating no.s and the event you want to  go to and we'll send you a paypal invoice with walk through steps for easy payment. 

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UPCOMING EVENTS see Fairy Forest School on Facebook. £12 per child/parents free and includes campfire lunch - usually (unless otherwise stated) toasted marshmallows, sausages in buns (kids), bacon sarnies (adults), followed by camp popcorn. Hot and cold drinks included. Veggie options - just let us now. Please note that food is cooked on the fire and then served up so we recommend you don't wander too far as once cooked the food is dispensed.

Remember we do a 10% sibling discount (booking 2-5 children) and 20% group booking (6+ children). These are included - just choose the appropriate price for how many children you're paying for and then select the quantity to match the no. of children going. Don't forget - parents are free.

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What's on for Autumn

Halloween Goblin Woods


Grumplesnotskin the tree goblin is back! He'll be settling into his home under the bridge at Lumb Brook Valley and making our woods more suitable for goblins. Help him make mischief by making entangling cobwebs and spiders to ensnare unwary travellers.

As always they'll be our base camp activities - hot drinks, hammocks and campfire lunch for kids and attending adults plus pumpkin brain candy and fizzy pumpkin juice.

We’ll also be doing a pumpkin carving demo with our carving sets - bring your own and use our carving sets so there’s no mess at home!

Just £12 per child per session. Discounts for booking siblings and groups.

Halloween Food included

toasted marshmallows

sausages inn buns - kids / Bacon sarnies - adults / Veggie Option on request

Campfire popcorn

Drinks included - Yorkshire Tea/ Freshly percolated coffee/hot chocolate/ cordial/water

Saturday 26th at Gorse Covert Mounds, Birchwood. 10:30am to 1pm

Includes hammocks and bounce net at base camp.

Choose price per child

Sunday 27th October at Lumb Brook Valley, Appleton 10:30am to 1pm

Includes hammocks and stream play base camp so wear wellies and bring spare clothes!

Choose price per child

Half Term Halloween

Thursday 31st October at st benedicts Wood, Rainhill 10:30am to 1pm

Includes hammocks at base and parachute play on the meadow

Choose price per child

Fairy forest mums, dads and tots

Calling all Mums, dads and toddlers! Get together in the woods!

Come play in the woods including fairy house building, hammocks, mud play and much more. Soak up the woodland atmosphere and meet like minded families.

Your kids will learn forest arts and crafts, to interact with other kids and explore the woodland. Then we’ll get together for a campfire snack. They’ll learn some simple rules for using tools, being around a fire and cooking something on a stick.

Expect to be out in all weathers but we’ll have hot and cold drinks available.

Tea/coffee/drinks included and a campfire snack.

What to expect?
We'll meet at the car park before setting off to base camp where you have an option of exploring and enjoying our 'help yourself' activities such as mud play & hammocks. Or join us on a led activity as we explore our fairy landscape building gardens, houses roads and more
As the weeks progress we'll be adding more activities and extending our enchanted woodland narrative making fairy artefacts such as tables, chairs, fences and more.
Sessions are child led with an underlying structured activity which you can duck in and out of as it suits you and your child. We'll be learning to use some simple tools safely as we get into our sessions as per the forest school ethos. We're out in all weathers (except high wind) so remember to dress appropriately and have extra clothes in the car.

Your child will learn:
Social interaction with other children and adults
Fine motor skills from tying string and making things
Strength and stamina from playing outside
An appreciation of nature
To use their imagination, tell tale tales and express themselves creatively.

Parents will be able to meet other mums and dads with similar age children and interests, have a brew and a chat whilst assisting their child play.
We'll come together near the end and light a fire to toast a snack such as brioche, tea cakes, etc. which we'll mix up as the sessions continue through the weeks.

Minimum 8 children. We think sessions work best when we have an existing group of mums/dads and children. If you think you’ve got a group of interested mums (or dads) then get in touch. Click here to see why established groups works best.

To book just get in touch to arrange a date/venue/time - deposit for each session below and then any additional attendees can click on the extra places button.

At just £8 per child session we think its a bargain. NB 1st 8 places needs to be covered to cover the cost of running - this lets a core group organise attending and then you other parents can add extra children as needed.

Forest School programme Deposit - 8 places

Choose session deposit
Enter proposed date venue time

Additional places

Book several sessions or children.

No. sessions or children
Enter date venue time
Child's name(s)


Oh no no no! Our forest elf has crashed Santa's Sleigh and its shed its load of pressies and candy canes all over the wood. Can you help recover all the lost presents and put them back in Santa's sack so we can get them fixed in time for Christmas? You can keep any candy canes we find as long as we share them all out, after all Christmas is a time for giving.

Then our elf will cook you a campfire lunch to say thank you as well as hot drinks and mince pies. Worried about the cold - remember to wear appropriate clothes. We have a woodland stove and hot water so if you're prone to the cold bring a hot water bottle and enjoy a hot chocolate, Yorkshire tea or percolated coffee.

£12 per child and includes drinks, campfire lunch for kids and attending parents are free.

Saturday 7th December at Snidley Moor nr Frodsham

10am to 12 noon

Choose price per child

Saturday 14th December at St Benedicts Wood, Rainhill

10am to 12noon

Choose price per child

1pm to 3pm

Choose price per child

Sunday 15th December at New Moss Wood nr Cadishead

10am to 12 noon

Choose price per child

1pm to 3pm

Choose price per child

Sunday 22nd December at Gorse Covert Mounds, Birchwood

10am to 12 noon

Choose price per child

1pm to 3pm

Choose price per child

Christmas Eve Tues 24th Dec at Lumb Brook AM only 10am to 12noon

Choose price per child

Forest Parties

As from 23rd August 2017 new bookings require a £50 deposit to confirm your party. To book:

1) Get in touch to arrange a date, venue, time and we'll pencil it in.

2) To pay the deposit just click on the button below. Please choose venue and state agreed date, time and contact details if using a different address to paypal. You'll receive a paypal confirmation.

Choose Venue
Agreed Date and time
Preferred Contact details

3) We'll contact you shortly after with extra information such as editable invites, directions etc. At this point your party is in pen in the diary and your booking is confirmed. 

4) Final payment must be made at least a week before the big day preferably earlier. This is so we can arrange the appropriate number of staff for the event and do a big shop for fresh food on Friday ready for a weekend parties. To pay simply choose the correct button below based on the number of children attending. Please include any siblings as they’ll want to take party and eat too. We recommend selecting a package for more children if you’re expected a couple of siblings or extra children so there’s more food. Don’t forget there’s no charge for attending adults (but options for extra menu options if you want to treat them) and we’ll have complimentary tea/coffee.

When you pay you’ll be asked for the following details:

Food Package Choose from:

Standard - Marshmallow Caramel Smores, Sausages in buns (kids), Bacon Sarnies adults, Campfire Popcorn

Plus 1 extra menu item - such as Charred Chorizo (great for adults), billy can banana chocolate fondue or pancakes.

See our extras at

Plus 2 extra menu items - as above but an extra option or portion.

Activity Choose from Fairy Village, Bear Hunt, Fairy Tale Nursery Rhyme Hunt, Den Building or Other as agreed.

Birthday Name and age. Make sure spelling and age are correct as these will be branded onto a wooden coin medallion and presented to the birthday girl/boy. We can do extras btw - just put it in the Tell us Part Details box.

Special dietary needs. Tell us if have vegetarian/vegans present (either kids or adults and no.s) and we’ll bring malt loaf (instead of marshmallows), quorn or vegan sausages. See guidance here.

Please tell us more information when booking at the Tell us Party Details box. Including:

Approximately how many parents are coming - so we know how much we need to cater for bacon sarnies.

What extra menu options you’ve chosen

If you’ve chosen an ‘other’ activity

Any other relevant details

If you’ve any queries see our FAQs or get in touch - email, give us a call 07799 321 849 or message us.

Final Payment

 Final Payment for a forest party up to 12 children

Food package
Birthday Name and Age
Special dietary needs?

Final Payment for a forest party 13 to 16 children 

Food package
Birthday Name and Age
Special dietary needs?


Final Payment for a forest party 17 to 20 children 

Food package
Birthday Name and Age
Special dietary needs?

Final Payment for a forest party 21 to 24 children

Food package
Birthday Name and Age
Special dietary needs?

Final Payment for a forest party 25 to 28 children

Food package
Birthday Name and Age
Special dietary needs?

Party Bags

We now do Eco party bags! PLASTIC FREE.

Each bag contains :

Wildflower seeds

A compost plant pot and label

Sweets including:-

Love hearts

Refreshers fizzy lemon and strawberry

Fruity pop lollypop

Our sweets are suitable for vegan/vegetarian. Sadly the wrappers have a small amount of plastic but every thing else is plastic free.

Choose party size
party bag1.jpeg

Extra Badges

We include a birthday badge for your forest party but some parents enjoy treating all the kids to a bespoke name badge. Badges are made from a locally sourced coppiced wood (usually ash or hazel) usually as part of our ongoing woodland management attached to a lanyard. We burn on the name using a pyrography kit so make sure the spelling is correct. You can add names whilst making the order on the button or just email the list of names to . If you’ve extra birthdays on the day don’t forget to tell us what age they’ll be turning.

We make these to order so please tell us at least 48 hours before the party - in practice we do these on Friday for a party over the weekend.

Add a whistle to each badge for just £1 more. Great as a keepsake for a special party. Attached to a backpack these are good for emergencies. Please note not suitable for very young children without adult supervision due to small size.

Standard badge or extras
Add a whistle for just £1 more per badge

Add a whistle for just £1 more per badge



We'll send you payment details via email so get in touch

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