Schools have expressed concern that providers with less than perfect CRB/DBS checks have delayed submitting them until they are established within a school/nursery. Headteachers/managers allow working under supervision in the interim.

When the providers employees’ CRB/DBS are finally seen the Headteacher has the dilemma of cancelling the programme, continuing supervised work or accepting the DBS/CRB despite misgivings on non barring information such as previous convictions, cautions, etc.



Ask to see a recent CRB/DBS or details to view them via the update service when seeking a quote for work.

Do not risk wasting time developing a programme or procuring forest school provider services until you have seen recent certificates for all proposed members of staff.

Consider agreeing with the provider to carry out your own DBS check or alternatively get their permission to view their current certificate via the update service so you can ensure no recent criminal activity.

Always seek providers with clean DBS/CRB checks.

Follow your school’s/nurseries policy on what non barring criminal records are acceptable for working with children and stick to it.

Seek up to date advice from your local authority’s child protection/safeguarding unit if you are unsure.