Elf Advent Walks

We've been carrying out Elf Advent Walks at Lumb Brook Valley - a Woodland Trust wood. In every way this demonstrates our values for safety, sustainability, learning and maintaining relationships.

We hunted for lost presents and candy canes exploring a wood and safely crossing streams. Then we got a fire going and roasted marshamallow with the whole family involved. Our licence agreement means we can light fires with a fire pan as long as we leave no trace. 
The Trust have also kindly let us coppice hazel. Hazel lives longer if its coppiced and supports woodland creatures allowing small mammals (such as the dormouse) to access nuts with less of a climb up a tall branch. Children today learnt this and how to safely use a bow saw. The coppiced branches will be used for habitat piles but we used it to make a base. 

Finally we played I can hear you (a sneaking game) and eagle eyes (a hide and sneak game)