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UPCOMING EVENTS see Fairy Forest School on Facebook. £10 per child/parents free and includes campfire lunch - usually (unless otherwise stated) toasted marshmallows, sausages in buns (kids), bacon sarnies (adults), followed by camp popcorn. Hot and cold drinks included. Veggie options - just let us now. Please note that food is cooked on the fire and then served up so we recommend you don't wander too far as once cooked the food is dispensed.

Remember we do a 10% sibling discount (booking 2-5 children) and 20% group booking (6+ children). These are included - just choose the appropriate price for how many children you're paying for and then select the quantity to match the no. of children going. Don't forget - parents are free.

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Half Term Bear Hunts


Our bears have come out of hibernation early. Come and help us catch them before joining us at base camp for marshmallow toasting and campfire food.

Wear wellies, warm clothes and waterproofs (especially at Lumb Brook which has mud and a stream). After a quick talk we’ll go searching for our wayward bears with mum and dad on hand to help lift little ones up to grab our tree climbing bears. We’ll play some bear games before returning to base camp to toast marshmallows. Then we’ll cook the whole family a campfire lunch whilst you help house our bears in a den ready to sit out the rest of Winter or alternatively make the most of our base camp play activities.

Check out our forest schools to find out which wood and base camp is for you?


Monday 18th February 10:30am to 1pm at St Benedicts, Rainhill


Tuesday 19th February 10:30am to 1pm at New Moss Wood, Cadishead

Choose price per child

Wednesday 20th February 10:30am to 1pm at Gorse Covert Mounds, Birchwood

Sorry This session is now FULLY BOOKED

Friday 22nd February AM session 10:30am to 1pm at Lumb Brook Valley, Appleton

Sorry this session is now FULLY BOOKED

Friday 22nd February PM session 2pm to 4:30pm at Lumb Brook Valley, Appleton

Sorry this session is no FULLY BOOKED

Saturday 23rd February 10:30am to 1pm at Snidley Moor, Frodsham.

Choose price per child

Spring Tots

Forest School for Preschoolers with parents.

Join us for our parents and tots session term time every Monday at St Benedicts Wood Rainhill.

Our 6 week programme of forest school sessions will focus on a series of child led woodland activities and play and includes a small fireside snack and hot/cold drinks every week. You and your child will learn simple knots and tool use, develop motor and social skills, meet new people and develop an appreciation of nature. We run every week whatever the weather. As well as an optional led activity we’ll have regular favourites such as nature detectives, mud play and hammocks.


Monday 25th February, 4th March, 11th March, 18th March, 25th March and 1st April 2019.

Choose from our morning or afternoon session.

Morning 9:30am to 11:30am

Choose price per child

Afternoon 12:30pm to 2:30pm

Choose price per child

Woodland Mums

Its Mothers Day! So treat mum to a wild woodland feast and fun family activities.

We’ll make our way to base camp after donning our Woodland Warrior Make-Up where we’ll make a den. They’ll be hammocks to relax in and bounce net to keep the kids (and dads) occupied. Help yourself to hot drinks tea/hot chocolate and of course freshly percolated coffee.

Then we’ll move onto our feast around the fire consisting of:

Caramel smores - toasted marshmallow between chocolate and caramel digestives

Charred Chorizo - chorizo chunks roasted on a stick over the fire

Sausages in buns - for kids / Bacon sarnie - adults

Chocolate banana fondue - bananas dipped into melted chocolate (messy!)

Campfire popcorn - freshly popped in salted butter

Mother’s Day Sunday 31st March - Gorse Covert Mounds, Birchwood - 11am to 1pm

Choose option below

Forest Parties

Click here for forest party info.

As from 23rd August 2017 new bookings require a £50 deposit to confirm your party. To book:

1) Get in touch to arrange a date, venue, time and we'll pencil it in.

2) To pay the deposit just click on the button below. Please choose venue and state agreed date, time and contact details if using a different address to paypal. You'll receive a paypal confirmation.

Choose Venue
Agreed Date and time
Preferred Contact details

3) We'll contact you shortly after with extra information such as editable invites, directions etc. At this point your party is in pen in the diary and your booking is confirmed. 

4) Final payment must be made at least a week before the big day preferably earlier. This is so we can arrange the appropriate number of staff for the event and do a big shop for fresh food on Friday ready for a weekend parties. To pay simply choose the correct button below based on the number of children attending. Please include any siblings as they’ll want to take party and eat too. We recommend selecting a package for more children if you’re expected a couple of siblings or extra children so there’s more food. Don’t forget there’s no charge for attending adults (but options for extra menu options if you want to treat them) and we’ll have complimentary tea/coffee.

When you pay you’ll be asked for the following details:

Food Package Choose from:

Standard - Marshmallow Caramel Smores, Sausages in buns (kids), Bacon Sarnies adults, Campfire Popcorn

Plus 1 extra menu item - such as Charred Chorizo (great for adults), billy can banana chocolate fondue or pancakes.

See our extras at

Plus 2 extra menu items - as above but an extra option or portion.

Activity Choose from Fairy Village, Bear Hunt, Fairy Tale Nursery Rhyme Hunt, Den Building or Other as agreed.

Birthday Name and age. Make sure spelling and age are correct as these will be branded onto a wooden coin medallion and presented to the birthday girl/boy. We can do extras btw - just put it in the Tell us Part Details box.

Special dietary needs. Tell us if have vegetarian/vegans present (either kids or adults and no.s) and we’ll bring malt loaf (instead of marshmallows), quorn or vegan sausages. See guidance here.

Please tell us more information when booking at the Tell us Party Details box. Including:

Approximately how many parents are coming - so we know how much we need to cater for bacon sarnies.

What extra menu options you’ve chosen

If you’ve chosen an ‘other’ activity

Any other relevant details

If you’ve any queries see our FAQs or get in touch - email, give us a call 07799 321 849 or message us.

Final Payment

 Final Payment for a forest party up to 12 children

Food package
Birthday Name and Age
Special dietary needs?

Final Payment for a forest party 13 to 16 children 

Food package
Birthday Name and Age
Special dietary needs?


Final Payment for a forest party 17 to 20 children 

Food package
Birthday Name and Age
Special dietary needs?

Final Payment for a forest party 21 to 24 children

Food package
Birthday Name and Age
Special dietary needs?

Final Payment for a forest party 25 to 28 children

Food package
Birthday Name and Age
Special dietary needs?


We'll send you payment details via email so get in touch

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