Discount Policy - Making the Outdoors Affordable

        Maybe money does grow on trees after all !

        Maybe money does grow on trees after all !

At Fairy Forest School we follow a set of four values - Sustainability and Maintaining Relationships being two of them.

As a parent its easy to see how having children in clubs can soon mount up - football on a Saturday, Swimming lessons on a Sunday, afterschool clubs, holiday clubs - the list is endless.

Our Forest Schools balance a sustainable business plan with affordability. So we offer these discounts which supports forest schools and our long term business:

Sibling Discount - Bring a brother or sister and we'll give you a substantial discount. We love this because it helps keep the whole family involved and brings more people into learning through forest school.

Group Discount - Making a booking for a group cuts down on processing orders and admin so if you can get a group of six or more we'll pass that saving over to you.

Session Booking - Fancy booking an entire session maybe for a get together or celebration such as a birthday. We'll fit you in around our other sessions to keep costs as low as possible and we'll pass these on by charging you for the slot rather than an individual price.

School, nurseries, preschools and other organisations - We can make substantial savings with repeated sessions back to pack. We calculate a quote based on the number of sessions and children based on our consumable costs, our competitive staff rates and a modest mark up. We can therefore produce a quote based on this which is substantially lower than our individual rates. Get in touch and we'll discuss details to keep costs down.

Trust Membership Discount - We value being able to use our forest school sites. Currently we have licence agreements with the Woodland Trust, an organisation whose ideals of protecting woods is vital if forest schools want to continue into the future. For that reason if you can provide proof of membership we'll offer you a discount that pays that makes it worthwhile joining the Woodland Trust. With Woodland Trust membership as little as £3 per month or joint membership from £3.50  you can save money and feel good you're supporting a great cause.

Book ahead - Forest School is long term. With us you can pay per session to get a taste for forest school but we encourage this long term ethos. That's why if you book six sessions ahead we'll only charge you for five. You needn't worry about missing the odd session due to other commitments or emergencies - let us know and we'll let the sessions you've paid for 'roll on' until next time. 

Other offers/discounts - from time to time we'll offer special offers that supports our business such as when we start a forest school in a new area. Follow us on facebook to ensure you keep in touch with these offers as they come up.

We strive to offer value whilst making a profit to ensure we can offer outdoor education well into the future. Please note that our discounts/offers are not cumulative.

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