Codes of Conduct and Principles for Good Practice

There are ethical codes of conduct to carrying out Forest School Activities within the UK. These have been drawn up and are regulated by the Forest School Association (FSA).  You can view these codes of conduct at and principles for good practice at .

Currently the FSA is establishing a verification process and searchable map however currently the only accurate way to determine if someone is a member is to contact them and ask.

Complaints made to the FSA are investigated and may result in them being disqualified as members.



Only employ Forest School Practitioners that are members of the Forest School Association as they are required to work to the principles and codes of conduct of the association. They will often display their membership logo as shown.


FSA logo for use by members. If in doubt contact the FSA.

FSA logo for use by members. If in doubt contact the FSA.


If you have doubts about the validity of the provider’s membership then contact the FSA.

Telephone: 01228 564407


If you are unhappy with the service you receive from your forest school provider then contact the FSA. They will investigate and may revoke the provider’s membership.

If you are concerned about Health and Safety Issues resulting from poor practice then consider reporting them to your local authority to prevent similar circumstances occurring in other schools/nurseries.