We now have 3 forest school sites covering Warrington and Manchester

With the kind and gracious permission of the Woodland Trust we have created 3 forest schools in the Warrington and Manchester areas.

Our Director and Outdoor Education Guru Rawdon was ecstatic when he heard the news from the Woodland Trust's representative.

"We demonstrated that we could use Lumb Brook Valley responsibly, ethically and sustainably when we carried out our Elf Advent Walks just before Christmas. The trust has been fantastic in their support and we are in no doubt of our responsibility to look after the woods, the fabulous plants and animals that live there and the people visiting them."

"By developing a network of forest school sites we can support outdoor learning and forest school programmes for local schools, preschools and families whilst ensuring the woods are not subject to overuse. "

To help our customers keep tabs on what's going on we've created 3 facebook pages for each forest school. Like and share them so you can find out what's happening.

We've also updated our website with direct links for Parents, PreSchools, Schools and those wanting educational advice. Visit our website www.fairyforestschool.com , email rawdon@fairyforestschool.com or call 07799 321 849 for more information.