There is a garden in every childhood, an enchanted place where colours are brighter, the air softer, and the morning more fragrant than ever again.
— Elizabeth Lawrence

A series of lessons that can be booked over a half term, intensive such as a science day or individually. Prices vary depending on resources so contact us for a quote.

Leaf angel

Leaf angel


This six session programme teaches through exploring, activities, play and storytelling. Children will enter the forest then with their imagination travel onto other worlds including the land of Faerie, the land of imagination, the land of minibeasts, the plane of elements and the land of magic.

What can I expect?

A magical experience where children will look for fairy trails. They will build elf homes and habitats for creatures. We will create a fire and children will learn about, its uses, its science, how to be safe near it and what to do in an emergency. We’ll discuss what animals eat and then toast and cook our own marshmallows. They’ll make their own woodland pencil, wand and stick music.

Alex and Abbie tree pose.JPG

Every session includes a tarp tale where we look into the canopy and listen to a popular story linked to the session's learning.

Great for

·         Nursery, Reception, Year One and Two.


·         Social interaction

·         Respect for the environment and each other

·         Imagination

·         Listening skills

·         Assessing dangers and what to do

·         A love for literacy

·         Scientific understanding and simple terminology.

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