Our Managing Director visiting hobbit holes at Matamata, New Zealand.

Our Managing Director visiting hobbit holes at Matamata, New Zealand.

Some day you will be old enough to start reading fairy tales again.
— CS Lewis

We are a new and exciting small business based in the North West of England (or Albion as the fairy folk call it).

We believe in fairies! There! We’ve said it! Or at least, like all good scientists, we have an open mind that they might exist. After all, who else but house elves would steal an odd sock from the washing machine? Who else but gremlins would mess with your car or computer and stop it working properly? And why else do trees sometimes have faces if they’re not really tree spirits or ents? Come on science prove us wrong!

We are passionate about learning outdoors and bestowing this to future generations. This is led by our Managing Director Rawdon.

Rawdon Jones, Managing Director

"I’ve had an interesting journey getting to the fairy forest school.

" Since leaving school many moons ago I’ve worked as a business assistant, lab technician, supervisor, and technologist for the nuclear sector. This was a great experience that set up my love for science but was a bit too industrial for me. After completing my degree at the medieval city of York I stopped stirring pots of Uranium and became a science teacher in Wales. I didn’t meet any dragons though, despite looking, which was a pity!

"My first full time teaching post was in the realm of Wessex near King Alfred’s capital of Winchester. It was great! After a few years of teaching Biology, Chemistry, Physics and introducing the Science Key Stage 3 strategy to school, my feet were getting itchy. Packing a backpack I set off on a long walk from Land’s End in Cornwall to John O’Groats at the top of Scotland. What a journey! And it wasn’t the straightest path so I can literally say I’ve walked 1,000 miles. Quest over - I boarded a plane to New Zealand to begin another journey to Middle Earth.

"New Zealand is like a dream – mountains, forests, rivers, the Maori, volcanoes, glow worms – the list goes ever on and on. But alas dreams don’t last forever and at some point (when your visa runs out) you have to wake up.

"Returning to England I got a job for a big energy company managing their education programme and visitor centres. Highlights include managing a museum containing a bizarre collection of antiques and curios, caring for nature reserves and doing lots of outreach in schools around the British Isles but mostly centred in Warrington. With a bit more stability in life I started a family and set down some roots. Success after success at work meant my role developed into working on a safety project – I’m not sure how I ended there! This was useful and essential knowledge but lacked the excitement and magic I was craving.

"So, after a brief stint with a forest school company I decided to go it alone and create the fairy forest school combining all my loves and building on all my experiences."

Come into the woods and join us!